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Breathing Relief is a clever little anti-snoring device, small and colourless.  Designed to help you sleep peacefully, the nasal dilator opens the nasal airways, allowing you to breathe and enjoy a more restful nights sleep. If your partner snores it has been proven effective in reducing or eliminating snoring allowing you better quality sleep. After a restless night many of us reach for coffee, tea and sugary drinks often in an attempt to maintain our energy levels, which in turn can prevent us from relaxing enough to get a good night's sleep.

Breathing Relief is the only nasal dilator on the market that can be controlled to adjust the airflow through the nasal passages to supply sufficient air to the lungs and further reduces many nasal breathing problems by helping unblock restrictions and aids breathing during exercise.

Adjustable for maximum comfort. 

Reusable - cost and environmentally friendly. Drug Free -  Allergy free - No skin irritations (unlike with strips).  Made of soft non allergenic latex free polymer that's kind to the nasal membrane. 

Unique shape - Supports nasal cavity from collapse during inspiration.  

Two sizes in each pack.  Minimises or completely stops snoring.  

Effective during exercise and non contact sports, alleviates nasal and cold congestion. 

Prevents dry mouth.

Easy to follow  instructions in every box. 



Made of soft non allergenic latex free polymer. British designed and manufactured UK



Simply open the wings of your Breathing Relief dilator and insert into nostrils with arrow pointing away from you, very easy to adjust, pliable and safe. Complete with hygienic storage.  Customers find it useful to run the dilator under warm-hot water prior to 1st usage for further ease of pliability.

Tests conducted recently showed that 4 out of 5 testers would recommend Breathing Relief.

Follow enclosed instructions in the box.



Breathing Relief nasal dilator is an anti-snoring device which works by widening nasal passages for unrestricted air flow, easier breathing and maximum comfort.

Highly recommended to prevent nasal snoring and easier breathing as and when required.



Small devices, keep stored in unit away from children and pets.



Q: What is Breathing Relief™?
It is a nasal dilator that opens the nasal airways allowing you to breathe more easily.

Q: Can it be used during sport?
By aiding breathing many people use it during their sports activities. However, we do not advise the use of a Breathing Relief™ dilator when participating in contact sports such as rugby, hockey, boxing etc.
Q: Which type of breathing problems can this nasal dilator help cure?
All nasal restrictions relating to semi or fully-collapsed nostrils.
Q: Why does the collapsing of the nostrils cause such a problem?
Because the restriction of air during the inhalation process causes the mouth to open to supplement the necessary air supply to the lungs. Consequently the two-way air flow, results in snoring and also in some cases allows the tongue to fall back freely and thus block both airways (sleep apnoea).
Q: How effective is this product in maintaining sufficient air to reach the lungs through the nostrils alone?
Very effective as the Breathing Relief™ adjustable nasal dilator prevents the nostrils from collapsing and in fact can be adjusted to open them to increase airflow.
Q: How can this nasal dilator help sufferers of sleep apnoea?
By opening the nasal passages the brain registers that the lungs are receiving sufficient air (oxygen) from that source and as no supplementary supply is required, the mouth stays closed.
Q: What is sleep apnoea? 
This condition is caused when the mouth is open during sleep process and the tongue falls towards the back of the throat blocking the airways.
Q: Apart from sleeping has this nasal dilator other beneficial uses?
Yes – all types of sports, keep fit classes and even swimming.
Q: Should I have a problem with insertion or adjustment of the dilator have you any recommendations?
Easy to follow instructions in each box or telephone Maantra helpline 0203 346 2530

Q: Can this product be used if the sufferers have a deviated septum?
Yes as the nasal dilator only has contact with the inside wall of the nostrils.
Q: What makes your product different?
It is the unique design. The nasal dilator anchors comfortably inside the nose allowing the wings to support the inside of the nostrils and prevent collapse. It is the only nasal dilator on the market that can be controlled to adjust the airflow through the nasal passages to supply sufficient air to the lungs.
Q: Is this product comfortable to wear?
Yes it is specially designed to settle inside the nose anchoring at the front and rear of the nostrils. There are two sizes of nasal dilator in every box, in most cases these sizes fit 90% of the population however trials revealed that the bridge depth for women is much shallower than for men.


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