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The Yantra acupressure mat is for anyone who wants to relax in order to feel re-freshed and re-energised.  This fabulous mat helps with a wide array of symptoms such as stress, poor sleep quality, lethargy, muscular tension, stiffness, headache, malaise, back or neck pain.  It is a brilliant relaxant helping you to re-focus. The mat base consists of 210 acupressure points, each point has 42 pressure spikes totaling 8,820 acupressure contact points which are calibrated to provide equal pressure at all points.  

Acupressure is an ancient healing art which goes back thousands of years that uses the fingers and other parts of the body to skilfully press key points, which may stimulate the body’s natural self-healing properties. 

In traditional Chinese medicine there are 365 acupressure points along the twelve meridians of the body. When these points are pressed, it is thought they help to release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood, and may aid the body’s natural healing process. Good for face and body by releasing tension, help reduce the appearance of fine lines and help the body rid itself of toxins;  so it's important to remember to drink water after your acu-treatment.

Caution:  The acupressure mat should not be used in case of skin disease, haemophilia or the intake of anticoagulants. 

If you are uncertain, always consult your doctor before use. Keep away from children 5 years of age and younger. 

Comes with FREE holdall with convenient shoulder strap. 



100% cotton cover, foam interior bedding. The spiked flowers are made of 100% non-toxic ABS plastic (akin to LEGO blocks  


Preparation ... place the mat on the floor or on your bed, flower points up and carefully lie down.  If this is your first experience with acupressure mats for the first 3-5 minutes you may experience slight discomfort.  This will subside eventually.  Breathe in, breath out, repeat in a calm manner and relax.  Distribute your weight evenly over the floral contact points.  If you feel discomfort, place a thin cloth between your body and the mat (such as pillow case, sheet, or cotton T-shirt).  You will gradually become more and more used to it.  Then you can use the mat without a protective layer.

We all have a different sensitivity to pain and certain medical conditions can make us more sensitive to pain.  But even those with a low pain threshold can use the mat. 

Days 1-2  we recommend about 10 minutes
Certain individuals become tired after use and some people fall asleep the first time.  Other people feel like they get an energy boost immediately after use.  This adjusts once you start using the mat more frequently.

Days 3-14 - we recommend about 20 minutes.
You can even use the mat at bedtime.  If you fall asleep, that’s ok.  Relax and let yourself nod off. The most important thing is to relax.  It doesn’t matter if your total time on the mat is more than 20 minutes.  Remove the mat when you wake up and go back to sleep.  Hopefully you’ll eventually feel that you awake more refreshed and with more energy for the day ahead.

After 14 days - you will have learned a lot about your mat and the effects it has on you.  You can then prolong your time on the mat.  Try 20-40 minutes.  It doesn’t matter if you lay longer than that.  Some individuals take breaks for short periods of time, while the majority prefer to use it daily for maximum effect. People with autoimmune disorders appear to get the best results with daily use, preferably in the morning



The floral spikes work on the meridian points of the body, like an acupressure massage, helps circulate blood around the body and releasing good feeling endorphins. A 20 minute treatment will refresh, relax and rejuvenate you. Treatment can be twice as long and you may see deep marks on your back but they soon disappear. The acupressure mat produces a reduced stress level, therefore good to use when feeling under the weather, which is when colds and  infection can take hold.  Reducing stress on the body allows the body's immune system to help fight colds and flus. People with rheumatism and inflammation of the back report positive effects from using the mat when the blood circulation really gets to work on the inflamed area.

Storage: The mat comes in its own specially designed holdall with straps:  to travel, to work, to beach, to home, just roll and go.   Keep in a dry and safe place, out of reach of children.

Cleaning: You can clean the mat with warm water. Remove the foam rubber pad. Use detergent or soap and wash it by hand. Let the mat drip-dry.

TOP TIP: Travel: Remove the interior foam base and take your acupressure cotton mat, gently rolled.  That way the acupressure mat doesn’t take up so much space in your suitcase and you can simply place the cloth directly on your bed mattress.  Many people have a hard time sleeping when they’re away from home, try it for a relaxing night's slumber



Caution: Sharp floral spikes, not suitable for direct use on broken skin, irritable skin conditions, skin discomfort and open wounds.  If you have any heart problems you should use the acupressure mat with caution, lie down for a few minutes at a time and see what feels best for yourself.

DO NOT USE:  if you have low blood pressure. If you have had a heart attack.

WARNING: If unsure, always consult your GP/NURSE for advice. 



Q: How many pressure points does the  mat have?
The mat has 8820 pressure points and each mat is constructed with 210 flowers. Each flower consists of 42 pressure points. The points are calibrated, which means that the manufacturing process gives a precise result, each pressure point is equally sharp. We believe that quality is of significant importance to achieve optimal effect.
Q: Who can use the mat?
Everybody! It provides the greatest impact on you if you’re stressed out, sleep poorly, have low energy, muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back or neck pain, or simply need a better and more complete sleep / rest to get more daily energy. Always consult your doctor in case of documented medical diagnoses or concerns.
Q: What happens in the body?
The blood circulation and oxygen flow to the body's muscles and organs seems to increase. Blood pressure is reduced and it is the pain signals sent to the brain which releases the body's "feel-good" hormones. The body's endorphins and oxytocins increase and give a relaxing effect which makes the mat suitable if you have difficulty sleeping. You gain energy, alertness, lower blood pressure and increased wellbeing. Many testify to strong pain relief and better sleep at night.
Q: Is the mat hygienic?
Yes. Mix a little detergent in warm water and wash by hand. Rinse thoroughly several times and drip dry at room temperature or with the benefit of fresh air. Do not use a washing machine or tumble dryer, as the mat and machinery may be damaged.
Q: How does the mat affect the skin?
Small pits on the skin will occur after using the acupressure mat but they usually disappear after a few hours or in rare cases after a few days. The redness that occurs is due to the increased blood circulation and is a positive effect of the mat’s calibrated pressure points.
Q: Can I use the mat on other parts of the body than the back?
Yes, we would recommend that you treat the back area first. The back is after all the body's largest single treatment area, and the peptide hormones that are released affect the entire body.


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